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Going above and beyond for our customers

For those unusual and special requests, far flung destinations and ad-hoc tours off the beaten track, we anticipate every need. From the very beginning, we take the time to understand your business and the individual tastes and preferences of your clientele. Our experience means the recommendations we make and the itineraries and events we create are designed to be right for you.

The work we do leaves you time to nurture your client relationship and we add the ‘wow factor’ that ensures your presentation will bring them back again.

Here our Group Travel operations team shares some of these stories of going above and beyond for our clients:


‘A German train-spotting group was travelling through Taiwan. This group needed permits for absolutely everything – even stopping on bridges and taking photos. The gentleman travelling were all in their 60s, or older. In fact, the oldest passenger was 92. In the end the Taiwanese tourist board adopted the group, invited them for dinner at the embassy and made it the best trip ever. They even ended up in the national press.’


‘I have booked ice rally races, booked a Queen Elizabeth look-a-like, and regularly book Santa and his elves for Iceland trips. Arranging the Queen look-a-like was quite fun, I was with the group and had to pretend she was taking an afternoon stroll in Green Park. What a coincidence that we bumped into her by chance!'


‘I once handled a parallel group that consisted of two reference numbers – same route, same date of travel but instructions that the groups are not to meet each other en route. They were in fact family.

The reason they couldn’t meet? The first group consisted of family of the first wife, and the second group the family of his second wife. One husband, two wives travelling at the same time.

They almost met at the Titlis because one group took the wrong exit group. Fortunately the tour leaders realised as soon as they saw each other and they redirected the group the other way.’


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